A native of Alexandria, Virginia, and the son and grandson of engineers, Jim earned a degree in mechanical engineering and had every intention of following the family tradition. While attending college, he drew political cartoons for the college newspaper, and after graduation, while holding down his engineering job, he began to develop a comic strip in his spare time.

Through the years, Sherman's Lagoon has grown its client list to over 250 daily newspapers. The lead character, Sherman the Shark, is more than just a comic hero; he's an ocean champion, introducing people everywhere to our underwater world, and educating readers on the important challenges facing our ocean today. The conservation message in his comic strip earned him the Environmental Hero Award in 2000, presented by NOAA "for using art and humor to conserve and protect our marine heritage" He was given the award again in 2010.

Jim has since repurposed his cartooning skills into filmmaking, and has produced several award-winning short videos for clients such as the United Nations, Pew Charitable Trusts, and the World Resources Institute. Playing the role of host and animator, he specializes in making science and environmental issues understandable in short, entertaining and visually rich videos.